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Cost & Pricing for Government Contractors - Part 2 - COVID Hold

Price: $795.00

Note: Due to the more complex nature of Part 2, we are considering if this should remain in person live or if a virtual live online version is practical.

Part 2 is for those who complete the DVD or attended the Live Workshop and would like to have their learning reinforced and step up to more in-depth issues in a relaxed but focused learning atmosphere.   Want more workshop details? Follow this link.. 

This Part 2 workshop provides business owners with strong reinforcement of what they have learned in Part 1 through more guided and focused exercises.  In addition, it provides more in-depth detail on Indirect Rate issues and expanded options while integrating Bid and Cost Proposal requirements.

Areas to be discussed

  • Cost and Pricing Foundational Review
  • Being Careful with Claims (Minimize Exposure to Fines, Penalties, and Interest.)
  • Indirect Costs and Rates in Greater Detail
  • The Accounting System Structure in Greater Detail
  • Key Pricing Regulations, Guidelines, and Contract Audit Clauses
  • Key Factors in Preparing an Adequate Cost Proposal

Want more workshop details? Follow this link..