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DVD - Compass Pack - SOLD OUT

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Proven Nationwide as a must have valuable learning tool for government contractors! Excellent ongoing reference and training tool.  Includes all Navigator Pack Tools PLUS the Policy Manual Template!

COMPASS Pack™  Non Member ($698) 
Pack Includes: (All Navigator Pack Tools Plus valuable and popular Policy Manual Template)

Four (4) Set DVD of Live Workshop - PLUS: 
   - Companion Workbook(s) 
   - Handouts 
   - Exercises 
   - Solutions 
   - Sample Detailed Chart of Accounts for typical government contractor (spreadsheet)
         The foundational of the accounting system 
   - Full Indirect Rate Calculation (Actual & Projected) Solution (spreadsheet)
        Many have used this to develop their initial rates immediately and they love it!
  - Short Cost Proposal Application of Indirect Rate Solution (spreadsheet)
 - Sample Timesheet (spreadsheet) – Good practical view of timesheet concept
   - Sample Company Accounting System and Rate Structure Letter (document)
       Many have used this letter template as a guide for explaining what they anticipate or are doing! 
   - Identifying All Company Costs to Pools and Bases (spreadsheet)
        This outline is used to document and summarize your policy for separating & identifying costs to pools & bases. 
   - Policy Manual Template ($798 Retail alone) Download – Best Seller!  A Must Have!
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Retail Value - $2,700