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DVD - Guide Pack - SOLD OUT

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Provides business owners with a solid foundation of DCAA and DCMA cost accounting principles for federal government contracting. We bring theory and reality together in a meaningful, understandable and practical manner.  When you complete the DVD you will have the tools to implement lessons learned and make immediate or longer-term changes to your operations in a cost effective manner. 

Learning Objectives include,
  • Improve understanding of the application of FAR Part 31 cost principles on allowable and unallowable costs.  This is basic but critical knowledge for all government contractors.  We sift through the sea of guidelines and identify the important issues.  We show you how to determine if a cost is allowable, unallowable, or allowable with restrictions.
  • Improve understanding of and how to establish indirect rates for proposals, billing, budgets, projections and pricing.  This can be a confusing and frustrating undertaking. We focus on and explain the foundation on which you can build your rates.  We discuss the concepts in a way that can be understood.  If you know the right way it will save you time and money while helping to improve profitability. 
  • Improve understanding of the Federal Government way for developing an acceptable accounting system - We provide a strong start on how to design and implement the accounting system. There is a right and wrong way.  We discuss the right way and you can begin immediately.
  • Recognize how to avoid and minimize fines, penalties and interest.
  • We touch on the Cost Proposal because the two topics are interdependent.  However detailed guidance on preparation and submission of an acceptable, adequate and responsive cost proposal is presented in a separate 1-cay workshop) 

Other tangible and intangible benefits may include, improving your proposal quality and timeliness, increasing your profit or fee retention, improving your productivity, improving your cost recovery, improving your cash flow while reducing interest related costs, decreasing audit time and risk, improving morale of technical and financial staff, improving your negotiating skills to ensure a profitable contract, improving the timeliness of reports to allow for proactive rather than reactive management and helping to manage day-to-day stress inherent in business.