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Welcome to the community open forum. You can discuss with your colleagues your concerns and questions regarding government contracting and related issues.  Mr. Gunn will monitor these forums and respond accordingly.

NOTE: Most Individuals and Firms do not use the Forum due to confidentiality of their issues or they feel sharing the information might give away a competitive edge. We understand this completely! However, if there are general questions and/or comments you don't mind sharing for the benefit of the community, please use this forum.

If you would like a specific issue or question addressed in greater detail in complete confidentiality, please send your inquiries to askpaul@paulgunn.comResponses to these inquiries will be billed in quarter hour increments based on the member discounted hourly rate. 

If you have any questions please contact Paul Sr at

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Open Forum
Discuss and follow topics of even more specific interest or concern about anything on this community site.
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