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In keeping with our ongoing commitment to the small government contractor community, we strive to regularly update this site to better serve our member community.  If you notice a non-working or improper link please contact us. Thank You!

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This online community site was started over 15 years ago as a practical and meaningful online community for the small government contractor and their staff.

We are dedicated to seeing that all small businesses have access to the best guidance and tools, in a practical and meaningful manner for the unique and critical areas pertaining to government contract cost accounting, pricing, bid proposal, DCAA, DCMA, contract administration, and related issues through a practical portal. 

We want you to have access to the same resources as larger firms, including:  

  • Meaningful Articles that provide sound, practical guidance and direction on issues important to your day to day operations as it relates to government contracting.  Especially those that relate to cost and pricing. 
  • A member Forum that you can share and discuss issues on your mind (positive and not-so-positive), and see how others may have resolved or at least addressed similar issues.
  • Affordable: Proven Helpful Product Tools, such as DVD's, Policy Manual Template, Spreadsheets, and Document Templates, that are designed to be used immediately to assist you or your staff on various government contract accounting, pricing, proposal and audit issues.

The Product Tools are DVD's of popular training and Template Spreadsheets or Documents that can be adapted for your particular situation as needed.  This is a method proven by your peers to same time (money) and frustration compared with starting from scratch.  Even with my extensive training and experience I am always looking to design or find new template spreadsheets, form letters, or anything else that will give our members that competitive edge or level the playing field a bit more!

Our primary goal with this Unique Community, is to provide a source for those who do not have the ready resources, specialized knowledge or experience to search through and find the tools, answers, and guidance they need to know soon if not immediately.  We exist for Substance! 

Based on experience, we focus on many of the issues you "May Not Know You Need To Know" to minimize the pain of discovery "after the fact" when it could cost you a contract, contract $$$$$, fines, penalties, disbarment, etc. 

So, like thousands just like you, let this community be one of your trusted resources that you know is working on your behalf.

As a member supported service we rely on colleagues like you to visit regularly and share the link(s) through your social media contacts. So, Please Spread The Word!

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