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Based on the report to congress - The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) issued almost 4,300 audit reports, examined $286.7 billion in contract costs from pricing proposals, incurred costs submissions, and special audits. DCAA identified over $9.9 billion in audit exceptions, and reported a net savings to the government of $3.6 Billion. The net return on taxpayers' investment in DCAA was $5.70 for each $1.00 invested.  Pretty good return on investment! The DCAA has about 4,000 Auditors whose primary responsibility is to maintain the billions of dollars in savings to the government.  26% are CPA's, 42% have Advanced degrees, and 92% have Bachelor degrees.

Based on these facts what do you think? Is the government serious about finding, questioning, and disallowing your costs? Are you serious about wanting your business to retain and recover all its costs? Do you want to not only survive but be profitable? Do you want to avoid/minimize fines and penalties? Do you want to be prepared for an audit? Is it important that you or your key staff are adequately trained in key government contract methods and systems? 
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Disclaimer: Information provided is based on our experience, training, and judgment in interpreting the practical application and intent of official guidance and regulations.  It does not represent the official position of any government agency or their representative.