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H&W Inquiry on SCA Employees

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Inquiry: Dear Paul: I attended your conference of months ago sponsored by SBA Office. It was an excellent presentation. I want your opinion on the following because talking to many accountants , I get different answers: 1. If our company benefits, which we offer employees total above the $3.24 do we have to pay the $3.24 in addition to the minimum wage in the WD? Example: Free online training classes, Direct Deposit, Life insurance, Credit Union, FICA, WIC and a certain percentage of their Health Insurance company paid under United health insurance plans. 2. Can we separate out the portion of the $3.24 that is health insurance and only be responsible for paying that portion back into the employees salary? For example if the company contributes $1.00 per hour to health insurance per individual, can we pay that only in addition to the employee that does not want to participate in the company health insurance plans? 3. If we offer and pay a portion of their health insurance, can we require them to sign a waiver or acknowledging their benefits are above the $3.24 health and welfare requirement and that they understand.

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