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Exercise for the Bottom Line and Faith

Business Thought: Exercise and the Bottom Line - One study showed that companies whose executives exercised regularly had bottom lines 10% better than those that did not.

This was enough proof that making time for exercise was an investment not only in my quality of life but also in my bottom line. What about you?

Need I say more. Just Do It! You can thank me later :)

Inspirational Thought: From God's Heart to My Heart to Your Heart. He cares:I care

"But without faith it is impossible to please Him" Hebrews 11:6 KJV

Brief words with deep, deep meaning. We all like to say we have faith and we may think it or say it with good intentions. But anybody can say they have faith. That's the easy part.

But please think about it as I have been shown.

"Faith isn't Faith Until It's Been Tested"

That's right! The only way to prove or show we have faith is to have it tested. Either we have faith or we say we have faith. Actions speak louder. Yet honestly, who really wants to be tested?

So when those trails and tribulations come your way to test your faith, and they will, show your faith by trusting in Him.

Is it easy? Of course not! Especially not at first and not all the time. Hey, after all we are still human. And God knows our frailties and weaknesses. That's why He is so patient with us.

But the more our faith is tested and we trust in Him, the better we get at showing our faith. It takes time and patience.

And soon people will start wondering how you are able to handle the many things that are thrown at you, and still be at peace most often than not.

Now that's Priceless. You can't pay me enough to give up that peace.

I want you to experience the peace that passes understanding. So don't let anything or anyone steal your joy. You rise above it, okay. And as always, remember someone is praying for you.

Read all of Hebrews 11 for more on faith.

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