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Benefits of Joining

If you are currently in Government Contracting or thinking about becoming 8(a) or SDB certified, This Is A No Brainer.  And I think you know it.  Let's see:

Online government contracting support free of charge and you get access to:

  • Quality Articles by Specialists
  • Practical Information
  • Networking with Colleagues Nationwide
  • Forum for Specific Discussions
  • Low, Low, Membership Rate
  • No Commitment
  • Feature your company on
  • and more.... 

So come on and join your colleagues in our community.  Don't go it alone.  It's not worth it.

Remember, this is a Unique Community.  We are not focused on quantity but Quality.  So even if there is a better link you can go for more detailed information on your issue we will let you know.

I'm a government contractor just like you.  I understand.  I deal with the same issues you do everyday.  And over the past 30 years I have dealt with many issues that you have yet to deal with.

Our Goal: "Helping You Safely Navigate The Sea Of Government Contracting" 

So Join your colleagues now

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