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Did you know that there are over 150 articles, inquiries and responses, and business related inspirational thoughts in your online contractor community? And most of the information is timeless because it deals with concepts as applied to real contractor specific situations.

That's Right, Over 150! I myself get surprised when I do a search and see how varied a topic, issue, or inquiry has been addressed. If you or someone in your firm has not recently browsed the meaningful content, I highly recommend it be done. You may be surprised that an answer to an issue that's been on your mind pops up.

For more than 10 years I have been responding through this newsletter to issues important to you and have provided an online small contractor hangout spot where you, my colleague small government contractor, can review SME (Subject Matter Expert) input and feedback from the contractor point of view on real day-to-day government contract issues.

One VIP member responded indicating he had been searching for a very long time for an explanation to an issue and nowhere and nobody could explain it to him in a manner that he could grasp hold of and apply. Then he came across the online community and there it was! He could not believe the answer, as explained, could finally be grasped and applied after so much time of searching.

In this day and age it is difficult to feel that someone is really thinking about you as a small business when they offer anything at a cost. But to the degree you are willing to trust, please know that the primary reason for my newsletters, website, and online contractor community, are to bring to those who often do not have the resources for access to SME support. I am referring to those very small, small, or medium size firms that struggle with getting practical and meaningful options and responses to their issues/concerns with government contracting.

No, I don't have all the answers and the government is often concerned about what support they provide due to "liability" issues. I provide my opinions and recommendations based on extensive education, experience, training, research, and prayer for wisdom to put it all together in a way that the small business can practically receive and apply the information. I choose to guide my colleague firms into "learning how to learn" themselves.

And it does not have to be costly to gain the initial knowledge and get the training and tools that you can "really use". Go ahead, review the topics in this newsletter, and you will see what I mean. Then go ahead and begin to minimize exposure to fines, penalties, interest, and loss of work by taking advantage of the resources available to you.

None of the effort and resources expended are funded or sponsored by any government agency (I continue to work on getting a government agency to support this effort on behalf of small business). It is supported and funded by my firm, and more importantly, by colleague firms like yours that are VIP subscribing members.

From time to time, a successful business will sponsor portions of the cost of tools and training on behalf of subscribing members to our online community. I then reduce the cost to the members for the period of time or number of tools that the support covers. These sponsoring firms do this because they themselves have benefited earlier in their development from

 So if you, as a successful firm, have benefited from any of our services and support over the years, and you are realistically in a position to do so, and would like to sponsor any of the tools, training, or website for others, please let me know ( The cost can be structured so it can still be allowable, to the best of my knowledge and ability! 

I look forward to your continued support as we strive to support one another! Sounds strange to some, but to those who still believe in helping others as we help ourselves, it just sounds right and pleasant to the ears.

Disclaimer: Information provided is based on our experience, training, and judgment in interpreting the practical application and intent of official guidance and regulations.  It does not represent the official position of any government agency or their representative.