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It's Not Fair!

I like to put things in perspective when things seem to be going in a manner that I would not prefer. That's a nice way of putting!

Let me share what I mean: Client cancels an engagement, person I am dealing with is being very difficult or not very nice, nothing seems to be going right, not feeling very well, so many things to do with not enough time, even personal relationships that we all know go through their tough times no matter how matched you think you are.

I sit back, take at least 3 deep, slow breaths, and for a short time I focus only on the blessings of my life. Then I think on the millions who are not as fortunate. I do this to put things in perspective. Grant it, not always easy! If I stop and say to myself, 5,000 children are dying today because they don't even have enough water to drink, and I have water, then things get pushed back into perspective reality!

My issues don't go away, my hurts don't disappear, my hopes/dreams/ambitions don't really change, my bills don't get paid any faster, my body may not heal any faster, and people, well, lets just say that people will be people; But, how I dwell on them and deal with them does!

Can you by worrying change one thing? No We Can't. Concerned, Yes. Worry, No!

If you remember you are Royalty, and we often forget this, that's right, sons and daughters of God, and that therefore you are an heir of God and all He has prepared just for you, you can walk assured you are not alone, although for a season you may be tried and tested.

Have FAITH: You do know that faith isn't faith until it is tested, right? So as your faith is tested, remember the testing is to teach us PATIENCE! Oh Patience, the perfecting quality of the soul.

Did you know that learning patience is one of the most difficult character traits to develop yet one of the most satisfying once learned? Patience will make you Perfect! Don't believe me? see James 1:4 - By the way, perfection in the Bible generally means Maturity (of character and spirituality). It does not mean that you will never, ever make a mistake again!

Anyway, so count it all joy when you are tested, for it means you are valuable enough to be tried and tested. The goal should be to pray earnestly for the power and wisdom to make it through the test! You have a head start because the Saviour stands ready to defend you before all of your accusers. And He never loses a case for anyone who choose Him as their defense.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face to shine upon you, and give you peace. The Lord be gracious unto you.

I have so much in my heart that I want to share about hope, grace, obedience, true love, and salvation, yet so little time to do it. I share to you my business colleagues what I am called to share. I urge you to search the scriptures daily, for in them you will find treasures more valuable than silver or gold. But it takes effort. I love the Word, for it allows me to breathe an air of refreshing to my soul that draws me closer to my Saviour.

From God's heart to my heart to yours!  

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