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Travel Vouchers - Options for handling how timing of processing impacts accuracy

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So when our employees travel we give them a travel debit card to use for all expense which hits our travel expense bank account. Some of the employees are putting everything on it including meals. Then they hand in a travel voucher which has the per diem rate for meals based on location of travel. The issue we have is we cannot reconcile with them the per diem amount and the amount they have already spent on the debit card in a timely manner and we end up paying for both already charged meal expense and then the per diem on the voucher. We would like to control this better.

Why do you pay them twice? If they are charging the meals, along with all other travel cost on a debit card, then why not change your policy for reimbursement to a later time once the voucher and debit card charges are reconciled. It should not be a hardship on the employees since it sounds like most of the expenses are charged and paid up-front by the company.


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