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Net-Worth or Self-Worth - What's Your Focus

Let your imagination go for a few minutes.  Net-worth or Self-worth; Net-worth or Self-worth; Net-worth or Self-worth.  Let's look at three scenarios that I came across in a parade article.  I feel it's worth thinking about.

1. Imagine you have more money than you ever dreamed of.  What would you buy? Where would you travel? At this point, a financial planner named George Kinder says, most people go crazy: Golf memberships! A condo i Vail! A 45-foot cabin cruiser!

2. Now imagine that your doctor diagnoses a rare disease; you will die within 10 years.Suddenly, we're thinking harder about what's really important. Plenty of material goodies still wind up on the list, but it's clear that with a tighter time horizon, we're far more discerning about what really counts.

3. Now the doctor says that you have only 24 hours to live. The question isn't, "What would you like to do or buy between now and tomorrow?" It's this: "What did you not get to do in life - who did you not get to be?"

Every one of us would answer those last questions differently, of course. But George Kinder says that most people answer in one of only a few ways. We wish we'd exercised our creativity more. Or given more back to the community, a church, the planet. Or fixed a broken relationship. The telling thing: None of it costs a huge sum of money. But it does require thinking about the meaning of money - and that we open ourselves up, that we share our hopes, our dreams, our goals with others...and that, in the end, we focus less on net worth and more on Self-worth. A silver lining, perhaps?

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  Seek ye First, the kingdom of God, and all these things (those desires that are good for you) will be added unto you.


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