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The Small Contractors Accounting System

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Pre-award versus Post-award - Survey versus Audit - Understanding the Intent and Letter of the law as it pertains to small prospective contractors accounting systems.  

Despite all of the various focus and opinions that are discussed on this topic, the following depicts my SME interpretation and preferred applicability of the current guidance and objectives to auditors, government procurement staff, and the small contractor as it relates to the pre-award survey of the accounting system, and the post-award audit option.   

The interpretation of the guidance and ensuring the customer requesting the review understands the options they have and the limitations of a small contractor are important to this process.  The post-award audit option is an important issue that the requesting customer should be aware of.  As a contractor, you should know what to share when supporting your opinion. 

According to the DCAA Audit Program and DCAAM 7640.1Guidance The major objectives of the pre-award audit are to obtain an understanding of the accounting system to appropriately complete the Pre-award Survey of Prospective Contractor Accounting System, SF 1408, and to opine as to whether the design of the contractor’s system is acceptable for the award of a prospective Government contract.

Let's break this down and explain what it means to you the contractor.....

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