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Quality of Life

Inspirational Thought: We are not just what we earn or how strong our business is.  We are a sum total of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our existence.  Therefore, I touch on other areas that indirectly affect your business, earning potential and quality of life.  That is the emotional and spiritual side. 

To all those who are struggling with personal issues that seem to be overwhelming.  To those of you who feel lonely and hopeless even in the midst of crowds, family and friends.  To those who still feel empty even with money in the bank.

Listen to what someone says who loves you with an everlasting love:  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

Oh, I wish I could convince you of how precious and valuable you are to God.  It is not money, power, privilege, recognition, romance, friends or anything earthly that can satisfy the deep desire in your heart for fulfillment.  Only one thing and one thing alone.  That is a personal relationship with one who gave all Just for You!

Every day, please take time to build a personal and intimate relationship with God through His Word and Prayer.  It costs nothing and only takes a few minutes of your time.  But the payback, oh the payback is priceless.

I guarantee that if you start your day with a few minutes with your Heavenly Father and His Son through prayer and reading a scripture or two from His Word, your day will seem a bit easier to get through.  Will problems and issues still be there?  You bet.  Will people still get on your nerves?  You bet.  Will disappointments still come?  Sure.  But how you are able to handle them will begin to change.

Turn your dreams, goals, job, business, family, friends, and yes even your enemies over to Him.  God in His Word says: A man lays his plans, but God orders his steps.  Also, The horse is prepared for battle, but safety is in the Lord.  So yes, we still have to plan and prepare for the things we deal with everyday and even our future, but remember to let God order your steps and rely on Him for your safety and not man.  As He opens and closes doors, as He allows people to enter and leave your life, He is trying to guide you into the path that He and He alone knows is best for you.  Trust Him, for He is worthy (and He alone) of your trust.

God cares so much for You that He gave His only Son.  Jesus cares so much He willing gave His life and much more. I care because I know you are special and valuable.  So I am not ashamed to share. 

God is no respecter of persons.  Male and Female created He Them.

From Gods Heart to my heart to yours. 

Paul Sr.

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