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Listen to What the Client Wants!

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It is important to give the client what they want. But to do that, you have to know what that is. And how do you find out what your clients want? Well, you talk to them, and you listen. This is such a simple, fundamental task, and you'd think that more people would do it. But they dont. First, make sure you talk to the right people. Your client is usually a combination of people who will have input in the project planning and decision-making. Try to identify not only who will make the final decision but also who will have input into the final decision. Find out what roles they play. Unless you know who will participate in the decision, you can't develop a solution that meets all the clients needs. Listen carefully to what each member of the client's community says and give them credit for knowing what they want. Experts too often dont give their clients enough credit for knowing what they want. This is arrogant, and it shows. But read on

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