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Fraud Indicators

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Key Fraud Indicators Part 1: Understanding the indicators that can raise red flags. In this review Selected Labor (Direct & Indirect) Fraud Indicators Lets look at the auditors role and thought process: Designing audits to find fraud indicators and recognizing those indicators requires creativity and knowledge, along with a common sense level of professional skepticism and suspicion. Approaching each audit with fraud indicators in mind provides the auditor with the proper alertness and awareness needed to assess the different situations. Auditors are not responsible for proving fraud. This is the job of the investigator. Finding and reporting fraud indicators are an auditor's responsibility and he/she should .think fraud. when performing a review. This awareness factor cannot be overemphasized. In cases where a Government official or agency may appear to have approved a suspected irregularity or illegal act, the auditor is still responsible for making a referral. The key issue is whether the auditor would have referred the suspected irregularity if the government official(s) or agency had not acted.

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