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Compensatory Time

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Inquiry What would you call time that contract employees work one week but can take off the next week? This is for Gov contracts and we cant call it comp time. They dont get paid overtime for this contract so they have to take the time off. We need to track the time on the time sheet for contract reasons to name a few. Do you have any suggestions? Response In response to your inquiry, first we must determine what you mean when you say contract employees. The answer depends on a persons interpretation of the terminology. Do you mean contract employee as you have contracted with a consultant, or are these purchased labor type employees, or do you mean they are your company exempt employees, or company non-exempt employees that are dedicated to a contract? There could be a difference based on each. In most of the cases above, except for the last one, there is typically no compensatory time off. If someone works 50 hours one week then the employee would only work 30 hours the next. Period. Nothing else to record. However, we must consider

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